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HAT BLOCKS AUSTRALIA flat bottom board 1 .jpg   HAT BLOCKS AUSTRALIA flat bottom board.jpg  



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Flat bottom board

Ideal for blocking/ ironing flat brims

18" x 18" Circular

Will accommodate a 5" brim with most crown circumferences. Please contact us if you require a larger size for use with over - size crowns

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Gift Voucher

Gift vouchers are available at any time of year!

Please fill out an order form to request your desired amount, we'll generate an invoice for you and email you a printable voucher, once payment has been received

*Please note that we can only issue vouchers in Australian dollars

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HMK Beginner hat makers kit feb 24 300 x 300 HAT BLOCKS AUSTRALIA copy.jpeg  



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Hat Making Beginners Kit

The essential tools and blocks to get you started in making Men's / Traditional hats. Buying the kit saves you approx. $198 over the individual prices.
1x Open Crown (Choice of either 151 or 152 Open Crown)
1x Flange brim ( Choice of either 708 or 710 Flange Brim)
1x Traditional Flange stand
1x Rounding Jack (in inches OR centimeters) 
1x Pusher Downer, Puller Downer & Foot Tolliker
1x Crown block spinner stand

Now includes 1x #000 Head plate! 

We will make the head plate in your head circumference unless otherwise specified

You save 10% by purchasing this kit

Please click on the links below and read the information sheets:

Please use this Questionnaire in conjunction with your order.

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HAT BLOCKS AUSTRALIA brim curler mk 2 2.jpeg   HAT BLOCKS AUSTRALIA brim curler mk 2.jpeg  



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Brim Curler (Pencil curl)

For curling the edge of your brim. Forms a half curl or three quarter curl

Please specify depth when ordering ie:

1/2" or 3/4" (3/8" can also be achieved with these two sizes)

*Timber colour may vary, depending on availability

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hat blocks australia CALLIPERS LENGTH.jpg   hat blocks australia CALLIPERS WIDTH.jpg  



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Callipers - Hand made by Hat Blocks Australia (polypropylene material)  

A tape measure can only give you the circumference of a head, Callipers are very useful in determining the exact width and length of your, or your clients head

They come in very handy when planning and ordering a hat block or collar as you can determine whether you would need a Regular, Long or Wide oval

Callipers come in handy when communicating design or block measurements via email

Use a straight ruler to measure the distance between each tip of the Callipers

*Wooden head not included

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hat blocks australia SCIENTIFIC HAT MAKING BOOK 300 GIF.gif  



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In stock now


Scientific Hat Finishing and Renovating book

We believe this is an essential learning tool for everyone who is interested in the making and repairing of traditional men's hats ie: Fedora, Bowler, Top-hat, Homburg etc

'A complete and profusely illustrated course of instruction, enabling the novice to acquire the art of finishing and remodeling hats of all varieties according to tested and approved methods'

Author: Henry L. Ermatinger, Hatter

This 151 page book, originally published in 1919 and reconstructed in 2006 by Iva Rose Reproductions, Hat blocks Australia now has exclusive copyrights for the print and sale of this reproduction.

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Left or right handed
Cut direction (pull is standard)
Ruler metrics
I have read the 'Rounding Jack information sheet'

*Production times apply

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Improved design!

Rounding Jack

For trimming the brim.

The new design now uses a universally available 'box cutter blade' which allows you to set the blade more easily and accurately than the previous design.

*Please note that the old design is featured in the video to the left

Cuts from 1 inch to 6 inches

*Timber colour may vary, depending on availability

Please specify:

  • Inches or cm
  • Left or Right handed
  • Push or pull to cut

We require you to confirm upon ordering that you have viewed the video and read the information sheet below:

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hat blocks australia HAT STRETCHER NEW.jpg      



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Portable Stretcher 

A basic Portable stretcher, an essential tool used for stretching hats.

Cheaper than our Heavy duty stretcher but still well made!

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hat blocks australia BLOCKING PLATE.jpg Transparent filler GIF hat blocks australia BLOCKING PLATE 1.jpg  



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Blocking Plate

Used for blocking a crown shorter. If you need to block 1/2'' shorter this is the tool for you. Suits a full 6" brim width

(Crown not included, shown for illustrative purposes only)

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SET T tool set feb 24 HAT BLOCKS AUSTRALIA.jpeg      



Left or right handed tolliker

*Production times apply

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Tool Set

Set of the above three tools - save $24 over the individual prices!

Please specify Left or Right handed Tolliker on ordering 

All of our tool sets are now made from Australian Red gum, which is a beautiful, local hardwood. It is a highly dense and durable timber. Colours may vary slightly

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hat blocks australia CROWN BLOCK SPINNER STAND WIDE PEG.jpg      



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Crown Block Spinner Stand with 1" Peg

With a 1" peg suitable for crowns made by Hat Blocks Australia with either the 3 Hole Hat Makers or Pouncing base

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hat blocks australia TRADITIONAL HAT MAKERS FLANGE STAND.jpg      



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Traditional Hat Maker's Flange Stand

A faithful replica of a typical vintage flange stand

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HATBLOCKSAUSTRALIA head plate 150 pix.jpg   HATBLOCKSAUSTRALIA head plate stack 150 px.jpg  



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Head plate

Head size plate

Same depth as most leather sweatbands

5 degree taper to the sized area

Order 10, get the 11th one free!

Available in Regular, long or wide oval - please specify

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hat blocks australia Hat Keeper Top   hat blocks australia Hat Keeper Side  



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  hat blocks australia Hat Keeper Demonstration

Hat Keeper

Keeps that hat off the bench, and in size

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hat makers emporium logo.jpg



The Hat Makers Emporium

Is our recommended supplier of high quality Hat Bodies in Australia.

These hat bodies are made to suit our #151 and #152 Open Crowns.


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